Good and efficient industrial cleaning is just a small part of close customer service

Close customer service means being attentive at all times. Service consultants, whether carrying out their work face to face with customers or telephonically or via email communications are also exceptionally good listeners. They have to be, it’s part of their job. The same attentiveness is in evidence among the cleaning staff of this Minnesota-based industrial cleaning services company. This company believes that customer services form part of the foundation of its long-established business.

The company is over fifty years old and has, no doubt, ably adapted itself for attentive, scheduled and diligent cleaning in all areas of commerce and industry as the Twin Cities’ skylines have rapidly changed over the years. Like many businesses in the area, the cleaning service has a twenty four hour callout response to new and regular business. Cleaning staff are expert and experienced in being able to compromise their work, positively speaking, in order to work around their clients’ own busy business schedules.

A twenty four hour attitude and practice prevails. Cleaning services are also scheduled to accommodate clients’ own business calendars. This ensures that while efficient cleaning operations are being carried out, no disruptions to the daily running of a business occur. Scheduled walkthroughs are customary and standard practice. This allows cleaning agents and their customers to deal with pertinent cleaning and maintenance issues that may need to be prioritized.

As a long-established corporate entity, loyalty and integrity takes pride of place. These are recognized as being essential towards building a focused foundation for long-lasting business to client relationships. The company is based in Fridley, Minnesota, part of the Twin Cities. New clients can contact consultants directly to learn more about company staff’s commitment to providing the proverbial meticulous attention to detail.