How To Get Your Children To Be More Artistic

You might be scared that your child will soon turn into another mindless teenager that only cares about their electronic devices and this is a valid fear. Children today learn how to work an iPad before they know how to read and write. How do you prevent your child from becoming totally uncreative and a tech slave?

There are many ways you can tempt out your child’s inner artist. The first way is by giving them a drawing prompt. If you’ve never heard of a drawing prompt, it’s like a writing prompt. A small fragment of an idea is given to inspire a complete idea. In the case of a writing prompt, a word or phrase is given. Getting your child to draw is as simple as giving them a picture that has already been started. Print custom stickers to make this easier if you’re not very artistic yourself. You could put stickers of a pair of eyes on a page and ask them to complete the picture. Children are endlessly creative and what they create from that prompt might surprise you. Having stickers on hand makes it easy for you to quickly give your child an activity. Make sure your stickers come in different types so your child doesn’t end up getting bored.

Alternatively, you could use the thing you’re trying to avoid. There are many art apps available on smartphones and tablets. Download a drawing game or a simple drawing up for your child and allow them to explore the possibilities of digital art, which is becoming a lucrative and popular form of art.

Older children can start to use photoshop to create bizarre and funny artworks. Photoshop can do a whole lot more than make people skinnier.